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The Forest of Torment

by Harmoniaq

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henryleedupuis69 Can't stop listening to this ultimate level badass album yo yeehaw and thank you for representing Ottawa yo!🤟😎🤟🌹🖤🍺📢🎧🎸🎤🎼🥁🎶🎹🎄🇨🇦 Favorite track: The Void.
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Forest of Torment Voices ring in your head, in your mind Speaking the language of your own kind They’re driving you sick No hold on it Trapped in this eternal damnation Survivor of the curse delusion You’re scarred and torn Vengeance was sworn Into the forest in the cold night, appeared the tormentor You pray for salvation and mercy Your legs are sore Succumb to the power of evil you have no choice Succumb to the power of evil you’re all alone Space and time cease to exist in the dead of night Shapeless shadows cast out the light unfurling its wrath Entity of ancient horrors revealed with gazeless eyes Slithering forward in its grandeur constricted left to die Ensnared shrouded into its den relinquish your soul Carnivorous and hideous drooling stench and mouth agape Embraced by the serpent’s tongue, swallows you whole Ingested yet left unquenched discarded out of life Dark wizard feeble voice spawn of hell Cast with a forbidden magic spell You’re going to die now Time grasps on you now
Warmageddon 06:44
Warmageddon Warmageddon The instruments of war A shrieking eulogy amidst the ruins of death decimation calls my name Unfolding darkness of endless tragedy Blessed be my brothers For we march to victory As dawn sets bright The first sunlight paves the way We, bearers of might Righteous and divine As dusk sets black Countless cadavers laid still We, legions of malice Relentless and reckless (x2) Relentless Infernal, the horizon has set ablaze With valor in heart, we bear the mark Upon the crimson valleys of putrid death Where madness echoes for centuries The curtains of time are drawing ever closer Fate is sealed into the hands of mankind All these deeds of sorrow and misery Shall change the course of humanity And so it goes, again and again This is our own genocide This is your warmageddon
Death Knell 04:03
Death Knell Inside the den, candle lit The medium performs the astral trip I saw it with my own two eyes The spirit grasped from its disguise Beyond the premise, a tragedy A patricide committed out of savagery The soul, haunting this cursed place Will disappear without a trace Death knell, farewell Death knell, exit the body’s shell Unnatural, spectral wounds Channeled through a cold blue moon Ectoplasmic apparition A state of trance, of premonition A debt to the dead we forgot to pay Duality in this disarray Will I see the light of day? Or will I pass away? I adjure thee most evil one I adjure thee most evil one When an entity is compelled And can't find a place to dwell I adjure thee most evil one
A Calamity Unforetold A calamity unforetold That which we couldn't have prepared for A mere kiss of the wind unfolds Fear and disease spreading across the land Sweet mother nature we've defiled She returns to us a vicious answer Death perpetuating unceasingly Of noxious and tiding plagues O sweet pestilence Cleanse this existence O sweet pestilence Bring death persistence Necrosis decay - deteriorated flesh Keeps growing day by day Until our pending death O sweet pestilence Earth’s retribution O sweet pestilence Earth’s reclamation Cyclic viral waves brought back upon us As the torrent winds reduces men to dust O sweet pestilence Cleanse this existence Welcome to the dawn of death A blackness swarms across the seas Devouring insatiably We count the dead by the millions Only silence remains Of a species laid to waste
The Void 06:09
The Void Foolishness, fallacy Bereavement, sorrow Dwells inside upon a faltered remorse A cold endless winter which daunts my mind Coldness, bleakness Stillness, shackled Barren and desolate a fruitless existence Ages have passed since I’ve seen the light of day Futile, withered Writhed, diminished I renounce this venture which left me here Beyond unknown shores is the answer that I seek I take my leave kept in silence Open the gates O ferry man I’ve paid my toll enclosed my deeds Guide me to unknown streams Alas bestow my salvation before the dawn of time Never to return Desired horror mingled in perpetual sorrow Cradling a burdened heart in vain Day by day, an hourglass drained of purpose Without any trace or memory I’ll wear this noose and face the void alone Take me away I grant everlasting sleep This is not where I am supposed to be


released May 16, 2022

André Dubien – All Vocals
Miguel Marcheterre-Pina – Rhythm/Lead/Clean Guitars
Jean-François Lévesque - Rhythm/Lead/Clean Guitars
Jacob Collins -Drums
Adam Semler – Fretless Bass

All tracks were composed between 2015-2019 by Jean-François Lévesque, Miguel Marcheterre-Pina and Jacob Collins

All lyrics and concepts by André Dubien (tracks 1, 2, 4 and 5) and Miguel Marcheterre-Pina (tracks 1 and 3)

Mitchi Dimitriadis – Recording, Mix and Mastering, Orchestration


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Harmoniaq Ottawa, Ontario

Established in early summer 2017, Harmoniaq is a growing band from the Ottawa area that is slowly but surely grasping the attention of its local scene mainly because of their energetic live appearances.
Their music has been described as death metal with thrash, melodic and black metal elements that blend in a particuliar way to soothe the listener. For fans of: TBDM, Be'lakor, Cannibal Corpse.
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